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The Good Side of Cannabis

Cannabis is a generic name for marijuana.  It is no longer news that marijuana has obtained bad reputation over the years. It has been described as a harmful and illegal drug that everyone should avoid at any costs. Recently, however, the scientists identified the medicinal value of this herb and it has been hotly contested and discussed. Marijuana plant and the oil from its seeds have proved beneficial in healing various ailments like arthritis, Parkinson's disease and glaucoma.  Cannabis oil has also been found to be an alternative medication against cancer. There was a time when it was declared that marijuana was prohibited, but since it was allowed for experimentation, it has been found to bring more good than harm. Cannabis oil at quantum9.nethas been proved to work amazingly in fighting against cancer cells. Therefore it is a good option that cancer patients can access to treat cancer. The chemical THC in cannabis oil links to the cannabinoid receptors CB2 and CB1 in the cancerous cells to induce ceramide synthesis. Ceramide synthesis causes the termination of cancer cells. It is so advantageous more than chemotherapy because can only immensely affect cancerous cells. This is because normal cells cannot produce ceramide when exposed to THC.


The deer tick is a vector of Lyme disease which leads to severe pain and nausea feeling. These ticks can be found in tall grasses which mean they are common in savannah regions. Doctors treat Lyme disease with antibiotics although the drugs can affect your appetite as well as cause stomach upset. As the disease progresses, it can lead to massive weight loss as well as migraines. The disease can also disrupt your sleeping patterns as well as cause stiffness of the neck region. Cannabis is the best medication for a severe headache and pain you may be experiencing. It can eliminate pain in the joints and all over the body. Ensure you ask for the right medical cannabis that can help dissipate some of these debilitating symptoms of Lyme disease. For more facts and information about cannabis, go to


Medical research done recently show that medical marijuana can play an important role in decreasing the advancement of Alzheimer's disease. The chemical compound found in cannabis known as THC reduces and blocks the formation of neural protein deposits in the brain. Neural protein deposits are responsible for causing Alzheimer's condition. Due to that fact, it can be argued that cannabis has the better side in solving medical condition apart from the disgusting reputation that it still has. Know more info here!